We analyze, clean and immunize your backlink profile to avoid penalties and distance your website from webspam.

What is a Link audit?

Link audit is a manual analysis of all inbound-backlinks ( i-e links coming to your website). It consists of link discovery, manual analysis, and making suggestions regarding the disavow process for any harmful links that are pointing to your website.

During a backlink audit, we ensure that every backlink to your site adds value, not troubles, to your overall off-page SEO efforts.

A link audit can prove extremely valuable for any website that has built links contrary to Google’s guidelines, as it protects you from possible penalties and distances your website from web spam.

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How It Works


Link Discovery

During this phase we collect a list of all links pointing to your website.


Manual Review

During this process we manually review each link by evaluating the topical relevance, domain authority, spam score and several other factors to determine if the link adds value or is a troublemaker.


Share Our Findings

Once the manual review is complete, we share the complete list of backlinks and add our suggestions for each link to keep it or disavow.


Disavowing Toxic Links

After receiving your input, we will proceed with disavowing the toxic links with Google Disavow tool.

Maintain Your Website Integrity

By making sure your backlink profile is clean, topically relevant and originate from authoritative sources, you can secure and improve your search rankings, gain more organic traffic, stay spam-free and maintain a positive online presence.

backlink audit pragomedia

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