We specialize in creating, maintaining, and optimizing Facebook pages for businesses in the Nordic countries to increase awareness and build relationships.

We take care of all aspects of your Facebook page management across the Nordics, from content localization to posting regular updates to responding to comments and messages. With us, your FB page management is in the hands of experts, and you can focus on what you do best: Running your business.

We never translate your English page content, but create optimized content for the selected audience that is enticing, appealing and reflects the Nordic character.

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At PragoMedia, our main focus when managing Facebook pages is to build a strong community by curating the right content for the right audience and promoting it effectively with proven strategies.

Our end-to-end service FB management services will result in quality lead generation, local followers growth, referral traffic, customer engagement, brand awareness and increased revenue.

What We Offer

  • Facebook strategy development
  • Content creation in collaboration with the client
  • Scheduling and publishing at the right time
  • Engaging and interacting with the target audience
  • Offering attractive promotional discounts
  • Targeted Facebook advertising campaigns
  • Community management
  • Customer support
  • Integrating email lists with Facebook
  • Monitoring and Reporting
facebook blog page pragomedia

Facebook Page Management in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

Your Facebook page can have a significant impact on the perception of your brand in the Nordic countries. Therefore, it is important that it looks attractive and contains accurate and engaging content to attract your audience and increase your brand's reach.

We have several years of experience managing FB pages for a variety of clients. We take the time to understand your goals, target audience, and brand value so that your business can succeed on Facebook.

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