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Scandinavia / Nordic SEO

We are an award-winning digital agency who specialise in Scandinavian and Nordic SEO. We have a team of native experts who are able to improve your website rankings and organic traffic, through a comprehensive SEO strategy targeted to Scandinavian searches.

At PragoMedia we develop both ON & Off-page SEO strategies customized for your chosen region. Our strategies drive tangible results in the form of organic traffic , rankings and conversions.

Our team of experts are aware of the local trends across the Nordic digital landscape, making sure that each SEO campaign produces the desired results.

We have been doing SEO in Nordic since 2008. Our up-to-date knowledge and experience have helped hundred's of brands to maximise their online potential, and acquire new customers across Scandinavia.

Presently, we offer SEO services for Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.


Website Audit

We can carry out an SEO website audit to understand and evaluate your website, as well as check out how you’re doing compared to your competitors.

Keywords Research

We can carry out keyword research in respective Nordic regions to identify the traffic worthy keywords/ phrases to target for your business.


We re-engineer the key on-page elements of your website, making sure each page of your website is in-line with search engine recommendations.

Link Building

We can create natural and authoritative links through high quality and engaging content. Learn more in our Scandinavian Link Building section.

Review of internal links

We can review internal linking across your website, offer necessary recommendations for implementation.

Content Marketing

We can create unique content that brings your brand closer to your target audience. Learn more in our Content Marketing section.

Google Analytics

If needed, we will set up Google Analytics to help monitor traffic and conversions on your website.


We can provide weekly & monthly reports on rankings, organic traffic, conversions and overall SEO strategies carried out by our team.

If you’re looking for a professional, results-driven agency with experience and a team of native experts in the Nordic, Contact us today.

we Are All

about results
  • 430%
    Increase in orgranic search traffic and 235% increase in social media referrals.
  • 348%
    Increase in organic traffic from global searches.

  • 82%
    Increase in organic conversions/leads.

  • 332%
    Increase in organic traffic from Norwegian Searches.

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