June 12, 2023 Camila

Google has recently introduced significant updates to it’s Search Generative Experience (SGE), aiming to revolutionize the search journey for users. These quality improvements are set to redefine the way people interact with Google’s AI-driven search platform. 

An efficient search experience

Following the recent tests conducted on the SGE, it was observed that the speed improvements were not significantly noticeable compared to the previous version. However, overall, the Google SGE continues to provide swift responses to a wide array of queries, ensuring a quick and efficient search experience.

Diverse Range of Sources

Google has embraced a broader spectrum of sources to offer users a more comprehensive search journey. It’s important to note that while the range of sources has expanded, they might not always encompass the complete list. A comparative analysis between SGE and Originality.ai revealed variations in the sources provided. In some cases, certain sources were present in SGE but not in Originality.ai, indicating a potential impact on recognition for authors and publishers involved in generative AI responses.

Adjusted Placement of Sponsored Results

In a change of order, sponsored results are now displayed before specific SGE responses. This adjustment is noticeable for searches such as “best CRM software” or “best place to buy a smartphone,” where sponsored shopping results take precedence over the corresponding SGE responses featuring local search results.

Increased Visibility For Branded Websites

The integration of brand websites within the list of sources has become more prominent, with sponsored results appearing above SGE responses. This integration, although raising some eyebrows, underscores Google’s commitment to sustainable search practices while providing relevant information from valued partners.

Expanded Presence of Social Networks

SGE now incorporates a wider representation of social media content, enriching search results with real-time information and diverse perspectives. For instance, when searching for Best Buy’s customer service for example, the available sources include the company’s Instagram and Twitter profiles, facilitating access to up-to-date information.

Google SGE continues to evolve with its expanding range of sources, offering users a more comprehensive search experience. By including brand websites, users gain access to a wider breadth of information and direct engagement. The integration of social media as a source reflects Google’s emphasis on real-time user-generated data, while the prominence of sponsored results aligns with their monetization focus.

However, it is worth noting that improvements in source accuracy and speed consistency vary, indicating potential areas for optimization. The future of SGE aims to deliver more engaging, faster, and comprehensive search experiences, striking a balance between accuracy and user-friendliness. Only time will tell the long-term impact on user experience.

As Google continues to refine and enhance its SGE platform, users can look forward to an even more seamless and enriched search journey, catering to their evolving needs