If you lack content that adequately reflects your skills, experience, and accomplishments online, we build a network of digital repositories that makes your true potential visible to your target audience.

Reveal Your True Potential To Your Target Audience.

Personal branding is about shaping your public image and expressing your values, beliefs, ambitions and goals. When you build your brand, you are essentially establishing and preserving a digital asset that will endure beyond any single job or career, persisting throughout your lifetime.

Nordic Personal Branding

How It Works

01 Initial Audit

We conduct an initial audit,analyzing your existing online presence and any previous personal branding efforts and their impact.

02 Personal Website

A personal website is an important part of personal branding and a perfect place to showcase your skills, interests, experiences and passions to your target audience.

We will help you design a highly usable website that clearly conveys key messages. A biography written by experts and a mission statement will also be included in your website. You have the option to add relevant images and videos.

The website will be “Core Web Vitals Optimised” to ensure it provides the best user experience and is visible in search results. You will be able to update the website with new text in the future with a few simple clicks. You will get a personal email with “yourname@yourdomain.com”.

03 Optimizing Online Presence

An analysis of your existing online presence and the creation of new personal profiles online for maximum visibility. This includes refining your existing or creating new optimized profiles on Linked-in , Opportunity , Angellist , Meetup, Sumry and other professional portals relevant to your subject or business expertise.

We can also create or optimize your existing social media profiles on leading social platforms such as Facebook , Twitter, Instagram , TikTok etc.

04 Reputation Monitoring

With our proactive monitoring platform, you can track all mentions about yourself on social media and the web, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, news sites, blogs, forums, and more.

Build Trust With Your Audience

When your personal brand aligns with your true self and passions, it can lead to increased career satisfaction and fulfillment. Our Personal branding services help ensure that your online and offline presence is consistent and aligned with your goals and values.

Nordic Social Media Personal Branding

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