We can help your brand reach its full online potential by identifying and engaging your target audience on key social media platforms in the Nordics.

Our paid social team has detailed insight into the Nordic social landscape, allowing us to create tailored campaigns that drive results. We help our clients manage paid social campaigns in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin and TikTok.

End-to-end Paid Social Campaigns Management in Nordics

Comprehensive management of advertising campaigns, from initial strategy and creative direction to careful management of bidding strategies and budget allocation.

Through paid Social Media Advertisement, we help you reach your target audience in Nordics, increase online conversions, create a great ROI and improve customer engagement for your brand.

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How It Works


Initial Analysis

We will conduct an initial analysis to gain a deep understanding of your products/services. This will help us to develop and implement the best advertising strategy based on the chosen platform.


Account Set up

If you are new to social media advertising, our team will help you set up your Ads account on your chosen social media platform and guide you through the entire process.


Campaign Setup

We set up the campaign, this includes creating powerful ads, a paid content strategy, creating high performing creative, setting up analytics and designing custom Nordic landing pages (if needed).


Ongoing maintenance/Testing

The campaign is monitored daily and refined and expanded based on new data. We leverage creative assets and conduct audience testing at regular intervals to improve campaign performance.



We measure and analyze campaign results through industry standard tools. We provide our clients regular reports on a weekly, monthly basis to assess the campaign performance.

Target, Engage, and Expand

Data-driven social media advertising in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway. Our managed Nordic social media advertising offers a powerful and cost-effective way to engage with Nordic audiences, promote products or services, and drive high conversion rates.

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