A Google penalty can have terrible consequences for your business in terms of growth and reputation. Our Google penalty recovery services help you identify and fix penalty-related issues so your business can thrive even better than before.

Google Penalty can be Algorithmic or Manual, our team will determine the exact reasons why your website was penalized and develop an action plan that will lead to a smooth recovery.

Pragomedia Google Penalty Recovery

How It Works

01 Penalty Diagnosis

We start with an in-depth evaluation and analysis to determine the main reason why your website is penalized. This includes a review of your search console, a content analysis, a backlink audit, a security audit, an analysis of the website structure and a look at other technical aspects.

02 Penalty Removal

After a proper diagnosis, we start the removal phase, which includes disavowing toxic links, optimizing the content, eliminating spam markups and cloaking issues, and other technical aspects.

During this phase, our team communicates frequently with the Google spam team via Search Console, and we submit a reconsideration request to Google on your behalf once the necessary actions are completed to ensure that your site is reassessed and the penalty is lifted.

03 Future SEO Support

Once the penalty is lifted and the situation returns to normal, our team will provide you with a list of best ON -site and OFF -site SEO practices along with a technical SEO checklist tailored to your website that will ensure stable organic growth and a penalty-free SEO journey for the future.

Regain Lost Ground, Rebuild Trust

Reversing a Google penalty is a key step in maintaining and improving your website's search engine performance. It helps you regain lost ground, rebuild trust, and ensure that your website is a valuable resource for both search engines and users.

Pragomedia Google Penalty Recovery

Frequently Asked Questions

A Google Penalty is a punishment imposed by Google at the site or page level for violating its webmaster guidelines.Engaging in practices that are considered unethical or manipulative by Google may result in a penalty.

Google penalties can be Manual or Algorithmic in nature.

Recovery from a Google penalty can vary widely depending on the severity of the penalty, the specific issues that led to the penalty, and the actions required to rectify those issues. This may take several weeks or longer.

Yes, it is possible to regain lost ground and rebuild your site's rankings and traffic after successfully recovering from a Google penalty. However, this requires patience and effort to follow Google's best practices.

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