Google Ads are vital to your business success in today's digital landscape. As the platform continues to evolve, we can help your business grow in international markets through Search ads, Shopping, Display, or YouTube, depending on your business requirements.

Our managed campaigns target buyers, not browsers.

We don’t just translate your English campaign, we develop a customized campaign for the target region to get your business noticed, attract relevant visitors and generate sales.

Pragomedia Google Ads are vital

How It Works


Initial Analysis

We take the time to understand your goals and determine if you want to set up new campaigns, optimize any existing campaigns, or restructure accounts.


Keywords & Market Research

We conduct a thorough analysis to determine the most relevant and profitable keywords that will help us understand how each keyword will perform in your campaign. We also analyze your key competitors.


Ad creation

We create engaging ads in a variety of formats. Our creative ads represent your brand and are tailored to your target audience, giving your campaign the best chance of success.


Conversion tracking & reporting

You are always informed about what the budget is spent on and why. We have a transparent reporting mechanism where our clients receive regular daily, weekly and monthly reports on the campaign


Continuous maintenance

We regularly optimize, refine and test ads to ensure they work well and generate the desired ROI.

Why Choose PragoMedia For International Google Ads

  • A customized Google Ads strategy tailored to each client.
  • We proactively monitor and optimize your campaign.
  • You get a dedicated account manager.
  • Personalized reporting dashboards.
  • In-house campaign management (creative ads, content writing).
  • Transparent pricing & reporting.
Pragomedia Google Ads are vital

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